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Bobidi – Help Make AI In A Powerful Way!

Hey guys, so today we’re talking about the future of AI, and for today’s demonstration I’ll be talking about the Bobidi app which I downloaded straight from the App Store, it’s also available on the Google Play Store. So for many of us, we’re familiar with the concept of AI but aren’t app developers or techies, right? Still, we benefit from the intelligent automation of small and large-scale tasks.

So to continually improve that process, check out the Bobidi app. Now, Bobidi is a bug bounty platform that’s specifically geared toward testing and improving AI models. You can make extra income on the side while also helping to contribute to the advancement of AI for the better, it’s a win-win. Now to help improve these AI models, use your creativity and try to trick the AI in any way that you can.

For example, you can talk about a brand new TV series that AI hasn’t caught up with yet or anything to surprise the AI. Win rewards by completing a mission to record and edit the AI-transcribed text at a certain time. Help make a meaningful change to AI and improve the world in the process. So for more information about Bobidi head over to bobidi.com.

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