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L6 Elite – Software Designed To Build A Better Work Flow

Process improvement using the DMAIC process is integral to business success. DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) makes up the various stages of Lean Six Sigma. Now the five-step process starts with identifying what the problem is and ends with implementing long-term solutions for that problem. It’s a highly effective way to manage projects. L6 Elite is an award-winning software specifically geared towards Lean Six Sigma projects.

L6 Elite takes users through a step-by-step guide to implement each phase of the process for their project. It’s super user-friendly and takes care of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, quickly and easily populate relevant information for each phase of Lean Six Sigma. Everything is here in a single location, allowing you to track any number of projects through the entire DMAIC process, manage them with ease and quickly assess your latest project status at a glance. L6 Elite is entirely cloud-based with unlimited data storage, allowing you or anyone from your team to manage projects from anywhere and at any time.

It also includes export capabilities, real-time activity view, auto-calculating of regression analysis, and auto-populating charts. So before you quit the project of frustration, you can find out more about L6 Elite by visiting l6elite.com today.

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