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Resident Evil Village Gets Scarier with VR Mode

  By: Nick Gambino

If Resident Evil wasn’t already scary enough, now they’re bringing the horror game to VR. Resident Evil Village is getting a VR mode when the PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) hits shelves in February. Capcom is both releasing new Resident Evil Village games with the VR mode DLC and offering it as a free update to those who already own the game on the PS5.

Players will get a chance to make their way through the hellish campaign mode while being fully immersed in the stuff of which nightmares are made. It’s already an impressive game when you’re playing on the PS5, now imagine what it’ll be like when you’re front and center as Ethan Winters clawing your way through a mutant village.

Photo source: Capcom

“The entirety of Village’s main story will be available to play on PlayStation VR2 in Resident Evil Village VR Mode, allowing you to experience all the events Ethan Winters faces with the greatest level of immersion as he sets out to rescue his kidnapped daughter,” Kanda Tsuyoshi, a producer at Capcom, said in a PlayStation blog post.

Photo source: Capcom

The PSVR2 sports a 4K HDR display as well as eye tracking which means you’re going to lose your mind trying to survive the popular zombie game. Throw in the 3D audio experience and you might not survive it at all. It’s all further heightened with controllers in each hand that let you feel every “vibration, recoil, and resistance as you interact with objects in the world and fire weapons.” They’ll even allow you to carry two weapons at once, slashing and stabbing your way through the storyline.

Unfortunately, not all of Resident Evil Village is going to be in VR. This is strictly for the main campaign. Shadows of Rose and other modes are just regular old 2D gory fun. Maybe we’ll get a full VR Resident Evil in a future game release.

You can pick up the PSVR2 for $550. It’s currently under pre-order and will be available to consumers on February 22nd.

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