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Ruby – The Virtual Front Desk That Helps Build Meaningful Connections

Today’s consumers equate near-instant service and communication with quality. And businesses that provide this type of personalized instantaneous support are the ones that are thriving. Ruby is a customer communication company founded with one goal in mind-create meaningful connections and opportunities for small businesses, whether over the phone or through online chat. Ruby serves as an extension of its customer’s business through their expertly trained team, empowered by their own proprietary technology.

So small businesses don’t have enough time in their day to run the front office, back office, and deliver the goods and services they provide. So Ruby steps in and takes over that front office becoming the first interaction customers have with that business. Our receptionists act as an extension to our client’s team, and they are that kind and compassionate voice welcoming potential new customers, and delivering great service to existing customers. So the result is that our clients actually get more time back in their day, while Ruby actually helps elevate their brand and reputation.

So customers who sign on with Ruby see an immediate return on their investment, usually in the first month. Very often, they just don’t know how many calls or chats they’re missing. And with Ruby, they don’t miss any. For many small businesses, that’s the difference between making payroll, paying rent for the month, or deciding whether or not to do a marketing campaign.

Join more than 14,000 small businesses that trust Ruby as an extension of their team to capture more opportunities for their business. Imagine you powered by Ruby. Head to ruby.com today to learn more and get started.

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