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Felix – Your Contactless Soft POS Tap to Phone Solution

As payment technology continues to advance, it’s getting easier and easier for consumers to pay and check out with less hassle. Now we’re ready for the next step of payment acceptance—

Felix Payment’s Tap to Phone Felix.Terminal is a Tap to Phone application that transforms a smartphone into a certified payment acceptance terminal. Simply download the app and start accepting payments by tapping the customer’s credit or debit card or digital wallet on the back of the phone.

The Felix.Terminal app allows merchants to accept payments on their personal smartphone without the need of any additional dongles or hardware. Felix.Terminal is supported by Felix’s groundbreaking 100% cloud-based payments processing platform which requires nothing more than an NFC reader and an internet connection to accept payments. Cloud-based solutions mean that no data is ever saved on the phone, tablet, laptop or similar device that the merchant chooses to use.

With Felix’s Tap to Phone solution, transactions are now more secure, more convenient and even cheaper. Felix is certified with Visa, Mastercard and American Express and connected to most of the major processors in North America. Find out more about these revolutionary payments processing system by heading over to www.payfelix.com

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