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Independent Watchmaker Wryst Introduces Bold Watches Inspired by Racing – The Motors Series

by: Nick Gambino

Fashion is about more than just your clothes. It’s also about accessorizing your outfit for a bold look that exudes confidence and sense of style. For men that means sporting a wrist watch that stands out and is both unique and classy.

wryst motors

Wryst has captured this in their series of bold watches inspired by racing. The Wryst Motor Series is unlike any other wrist watch out there. Every one of the stand-out pieces in this collection are 21st century forward. Inspired by motorsports and racing, the swiss watch is equal parts dynamic, modern, classy and, if you’re looking for another adjective, racy.

This beautiful accessory was made for on or off the racetrack, feeling like an extra piece of roaring machinery found its way to your wrist. The slick design is also sturdy, making it belong where the auto rumbles.

But it doesn’t all start and end with style. The precision with which the chronograph watch is built is also next level. The Swiss quartz chronograph offers up to 1/10th of a second and is better than most other watch options on the market.

The men’s bolding racing watches Wryst Motors series features two different watches both harkening to the world of racing and with only 75 of each watch produced.

The MS620 is for those looking to shine with a white dial. The black band with red accents are a slick pairing with the all-white dial. Coming in at 50mm face, the Wryst Motors man watch MS620 is a bold statement that grabs attention and keeps it fixated on the elegant but rugged style of the watch.

Now, if you’re looking for something a bit darker, or perhaps moodier, then you’ll want to check out the luxury Motors MS630 mens watches. The black dial blends seamlessly with the black satin finish band and its own unique red border and threading. This version of the Motors watch is the boldest of the two and screams confidence.

Again, the Wryst Motors series is a limited offering with only 75 of both the SX620 and MS630 produced. After that they are done, just like the last series of Motors watches Wryst put out just a few years ago. They are a collector’s item after all. So you better race to get yours – pun intended.     

More info & prices please visit Swiss Luxury Watches Wryst.

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