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Big Eyes Coin Dominates The Crypto World With Its Presale Over Competitors Like Aptos And Apecoin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently dominating the presale game over its competitors, but what makes Big Eyes stand out amongst the crowd? Big Eyes Coin is set to make history with one of the most successful presales in recent history and prove once and for all that you shouldn’t underestimate the cuteness of the cat.

Aptos Is Taking Blockchain Technology To Another Level

Blockchain technology has slowly changed the internet as we know it in recent years, making the world wide web a lot more accessible and safe. When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is the perfect platform for handling finances. We’ve all heard of Ethereum (ETH), one of the first blockchain networks to hit the market; however, can Aptos (APT) take Ethereum’s spot?

Firstly, the Aptos blockchain is thriving in many ways that Ethereum lacks. Not only do Aptos allow for safe, secure, and transparent transactions across the blockchain, but the platform also uses the ‘Move’ prover. This is a formal verifier for smart contracts on the blockchain; the ‘Move’ language allows developers to protect their software and data from ‘malicious entities’.

Aptos is also a lot faster than the Ethereum blockchain. Aptos allows over 150,000 transactions per second, as opposed to Ethereum, which only allows between fifteen to thirty at a time. Aptos is on the up and up, considering it was only released in October 2022; within the last seven days alone, the value has increased by 6.28%.

Apecoin: The Chosen Token Of The Metaverse

March 2022 marked the release of Apecoin (APE), and since its release, it has had a rocky start on the market. During the first week of its launch, the price of the coin fluctuated between highs of $40 and lows of $6.50. But this didn’t deter people from taking an interest in Apecoin, as Apecoin promises to be the ‘coin-of-choice’ for a new metaverse.

Apecoin was designed to support the evolution of the internet, providing access to certain parts of the world wide web that otherwise wouldn’t be available to outsiders. Investors can access Yuga NFTs and various other art forms, such as entertainment, gaming, and more. The Yuga NFT is Apecoins’ very own ape-style avatar, each having its unique assets, moods, and backgrounds. Those interested in buying and selling the Yuga can access them on the Apecoin Marketplace.

Once an investment has been made, those with Apecoin can then be granted access to the Apecoin DAO. This is a space where individuals can come together and discuss where and how the DAO treasury is spent and other future projects related to Apecoin.

Big Eyes Coin Wants The Big Spenders

Big Eyes is getting closer and closer to launch day and has dominated the presale game by making recent history. Big Eyes has raised over $30 million from the presale alone and is on track to make much more with the launch of the new Lootboxes.

Lootboxes are set to make Big Eyes a lot of money because people will buy knowing that there is a chance of winning 5000% more than they originally bought the loot box for. Lootboxes are an exciting gamble, as investors can walk away with a life-changing amount of $BIG in their account.

Investors must have money to spend, especially if you are interested in buying the Excali-Paw Chest, which costs a healthy $10K to buy. However, the excitement of possibly winning a life-changing $1M worth of Big Eyes Coins is set to see a lot of big spenders investing in this Lootbox.

As well as the Lootboxes, Big Eyes has much more to offer to the community and the world. Big Eyes has set up a charity wallet, reserving 5% of all tokens to help save the oceans from overfishing and pollution, so it is nice to have a crypto platform that cares about the state of the planet we live in. After all, a cat has got to eat.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG):

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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