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App or Browser-Based Version: Which is Better for Online Casino Players in Canada

Casinos have always been popular with Canadians. Every year, thousands of Canadians wager their money at casinos to have a good time. The online casino market is thriving alongside advances in technology. This means more opportunities in terms of games, banking methods, and even – ways to play them.

In recent years, one of the most confusing casino trends is that of different gambling formats. Today, online casinos give players a chance to gamble on a browser or through a casino app – or even both. So, how do you choose?

Gambling on Browser vs. App

Let’s say you found your favorite among 1 dollar deposit casinos Canada and are ready to gamble. The casino in question gives you two options – play browser based games or download their app. While you can usually make the same deposit on both and even claim the same bonuses, there are significant differences between playing on the app and the browser.

To help you make the choice, we’ll look at what it means to play gambling browser games or use an app.

Gambling on a Browser

Not so long ago, browser casino games were the only available option. There was a time when not even mobile was in the picture. Gamblers could only play from their desktop and their homes. Today, with browser based mobas games, Flash players, and smartphones more advanced than ever, this is possible – and very popular.

With the advances in technology, casino games started working very well on mobile. They are no longer distorted when you gamble on your phone’s browser. In fact, over half of gamblers use their phones to access casinos. It offers them the flexibility to gamble from any place, at any time.

Here are the advantages of playing on a browser:

  • Quick access

The web browser is a default feature that’s found on every mobile device. Every iOS or Android browser works with casino games, while not all casino apps are available for different operating systems. If you use a browser, whether it is Chrome or Opera, or any other, all you need to do is type the URL, sign in, and start playing.

And, let’s not forget that the browser version is available on your desktop, too.

  • More space

When you download a mobile app, this takes up space in your mobile device. Casino apps are usually quite big. Many avoid using apps and use browsers instead for this particular reason.

Gambling on an App

In the past, apps used to offer different games from those on browsers and vice versa. Today, you can find the best browser based games on your app, and your favorite games on the app in the browser version. There aren’t many games that aren’t optimized for both, especially the ones launched in the last decade or so.

Here are the advantages of using an app over a browser:

  • Smooth interface and gameplay

Websites need to be mobile-optimized to look and work well on the browser version. You can come across browser versions with messy interfaces, but this won’t be the case with apps. Apps are specially designed to be used on mobile, so you can expect a smooth experience and great functionalities that offer easy navigation.

  • No sign-ins

Every time you use the browser, you’ll need to sign in to your account, not to mention type in the URL to get to the casino site. In an app, you are already logged in. You can simply click on the app and continue where you left off.

How to Choose Between the Two

In the end, your choice should come down to preference. Would you prefer to play on browser or do you want to download an app? There’s no reason to think that one is better than the other, not today when both can be very optimized and offer great experiences.

Here is what you should consider when making the choice:

Reach (Compatibility)

Generally speaking, websites have a wider audience reach. Apps need to be downloaded and, if you have a device that doesn’t support the app, you cannot use it. Most apps today are available for iOS and Android, but not all are optimized for Windows, for instance. Browsers don’t have that restriction, so they have a wider reach.


Do you want to play the latest games or are you looking to play an older version? It wasn’t that long ago when most games were coded with Flash. This method isn’t compatible with mobile OS systems, so many of the older games can’t be ported over to apps unless converted. If you are looking for Flash-based, older games, browsers are your best option.


If it comes only to this, you should choose based on what you find to be more convenient. Do you have a lot of space on your phone? Then maybe you can use an app! If you mind those frequent updates, you might want to delete that app and use the browser instead. If you have limited space, browsers are a better version. Websites, on the other hand, require more to start playing, and apps will allow you to start right away.


Finding what best suits you is, in the end, depending on what you need and are looking for. The reality is, apps and browsers today offer all the same features, games, and offers. Some modern casinos don’t even have an app as an option – that’s how optimized their browser version is. What will you choose?

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