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New Apple AirTag on the Way

According to a new report that comes to us by way of Bloomberg, Apple is working on releasing a new AirTag for the first time in three years.

The AirTag is a little electronic disc that allows you to easily track wherever it goes. It’s a great way to keep tabs on your possessions, especially when you’re traveling. As far as devices go, it’s also very basic and does not need regular updates.

Still, it’s been three years since it was originally launched and that’s a lifetime when it comes to technology. Hence, why Apple is supposedly working on an updated version. The new one would reportedly have an improved chip which allows for better tracking.

They are working on it under the codename B589 and it’s expected to hit the market at some point in mid 2025. Bloomberg didn’t provide any more information on what to expect with the latest AirTag, but as I said, there isn’t much you can do or should do with a simple tracker. Improved establishment of location is really all you want. Maybe some would want a tweaked alert system.

Most of the updates for location trackers should be in security. A little, unintrusive tracker is ripe for use by stalkers and other shady characters. Luckily, Apple included a feature in a recent iOS update that lets you see when someone is tracking you without your permission. So if you’re unknowingly walking around with an AirTag or other third-party tacker like a Tile, your iPhone will let you know.

Increasing battery life is another thing that might be helpful for those who use their AirTags every day or who travel often. Being able to locate your valuables whenever you need is pretty important and there’s nothing worse than being barred from location services because of a dead battery. Many smartphones have disappeared into the ethers as a result.

We’ll report on any more information on the 2025 AirTag that comes our way. There’s a possibility that Apple might mention it in their annual WWDC June 10-14 but unlikely.


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