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Manchester – Global Creative Hub | NewsWatch Review

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At South By Southwest, we saw a vast array of cool technology. Many businesses and manufacturers were present to share the latest and greatest things they had to offer. They were not the only ones at the party, though. One thing people don’t always think about is where modern manufacturers and businesses set up shop. If you’re a smart business owner, you would want to put your headquarters in a city that would help it grow and prosper. What we noticed were cities with major tech industries that provide just that kind of potential. Today we are going to highlight Manchester as one of those cities.

This UK city might be synonymous with the old world but it achieves that rare feat of also being synonymous with innovation. For over 250 years Manchester has been a city of firsts. It’s the city where the first stored-program computer was built and even where the atom was split. It has been on the cutting edge of technology and is home to not 1, not 2, but 25 Nobel Prize winners. With over 2.7 million citizens and over 200 languages spoken, Manchester continues to imbue that creative and pioneering spirit.

As Europe’s second largest creative digital hub they’ve built places like Media City which is a creative and tech campus where creatives and experts from numerous different sectors can come together to change the world. They are also home to some major giants of both creative production and digital technology including companies like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and Accenture. They are also leaders in e-commerce, complex data management, analytics, storage and distribution.

Beyond all that Manchester is just an awesome place to visit. The city possesses culture, unique restaurants, and a beautiful downtown. In conclusion, if you’re planning a trip or are a business looking to expand internationally, put Manchester on the list.

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