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Alarm Caller – Never Oversleep Again | NewsWatch Review

App Review

If you are an over sleeper – or the type of person that no matter how long the alarm’s been going off you stay asleep – or even if you like to sleep with your phone and tend to lose it in the sheets, then Alarm Caller is a great app for you. Alarm Caller is a super alarm system that works in a series of backup alarms until you finally respond.

You start by setting the time and ringtone like any other alarm.  Then you check off one of more of the backup options that you want to use. When the alarm goes off, if you do not wake up and respond the backups will go into effect.  This is where the app differs from other alarms.

The first Backup, appropriately called backup 1 – will call an alternate number within your proximity for 5 minutes repeatedly in an effort to try and wake you up.  Backup number two is the app calls or texts a friend or emergency services notifying them that you need help.  Backup 3 is enabled after 24 hours of no response and triggers an emergency text to be sent.  Lastly, backup four is enacted if your battery goes below 15% and it’s at least 5 hours before wake-up time then the alarm will go off.

Whether by electronic ring or human intervention, Alarm Caller is sure to wake you up. With great reviews Alarm Caller works with Android phones and can be downloaded from Google Play for free so head over and download it today.


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