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Skipstone – Interactive Questions Answered | NewsWatch Review

Did you know that videos are a great way for brands and companies to communicate the right message to a consumer. But there’s a problem here that most have overlooked. What do you do when the consumer has questions not answered in the video?  Enter SkipStone.

SkipStone is an interactive video platform that allows consumers to… you guessed it, ask questions while watching a video.  Here’s how it works. The consumer lands on a company’s website and plays a video.  While watching, let’s say the consumer has a question. All they have to do is click the mic symbol and ask a question to get an immediate and accurate answer in the form of a video from the company.  They can even type the question if they’d like.  This helps companies ensure the consumer doesn’t wander somewhere else to get their questions answered as that can lead to incorrect or skewed information, or even worse – a frustrating user experience.

As they say “Skipstone is the patent-pending, interactive video platform that enables efficient and collaborative investigation of goods and services. Skipstone empowers consumers and retailers to reach higher levels of engagement and understanding. Skipstone improves product and brand videos and the way people engage with them. Consumers deserve to uncover more details about the goods and services they seek. Brands deserve a better method to educate, engage, and influence the consumer journey. Creative agencies and retailers leverage Skipstone’s groundbreaking video technology to take brand storytelling to new levels. With Skipstone, consumers are empowered to ask, engage, and understand like never before, leading to higher levels of engagement.”

Then going a step further, SkipStone provides analytics to the company using their video platform on their website. Every month they’ll get a report that shows exactly what consumers are looking for and what they’re asking.  Pretty powerful analytics.   To learn more about SkipStone and how to get it set up on your website go to http://goskipstone.com/.


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