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We Turn Your Lights On – Never Lose Power Again | NewsWatch

It’s the start of the New Year and with that comes snowstorms in the winter and thunderstorms in the spring. We need to start preparing for severe weather, starting with a reliable power and light source.  Well, here with us today is Business Associate and Spokesperson of We Turn Your Lights On, Jack Weinberg, to tell us about the LaZer VoLT.

“The LaZer VoLT is a device which allows for power black out relief. It’s also a great tool for campers as well to provide portable power. First of all, you charge it up either by means of a solar panel, or by means of a household plug, or by means of a 12 volt car battery. It’s designed to have a large LED light, strobe light, and outlet to enable you to charge up cell phones and batteries.”

The LaZer VoLT is designed so that it’s ready to use during emergency situations or situations where you may not have access to power.

“We developed the LazerVolt to enable people to resume normal household activities during a blackout, as well as something that campers can use on every trip to power all their accessories, regardless of the weather. We came up with something that’s safe, easy to use, and meets a real need! After a number of blackouts in upstate New York, the developer started tinkering in order to come up with something that would safely allow his family to resume daily activities in every room in the house. By replacing the bulbs in his house with 12V (E26 Base) LED bulbs, (e26 are regular household bulbs)  he was able to comfort his family who were scared during the blackout.”

You can learn more about the LaZer VoLT Blackout Relief Power Box and related LaZer VoLT items by heading online to http://www.weturnyourlightson.com/.

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