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KuvioVision – Giving Machines Sight | NewsWatch Review

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Vision is a vital sense that allows us to see and understand the world around us. Now if vision works so well for living things, what are the possibilities if we gave non-living things, like machines, the ability to see? KuvioVision does just that.

This unique vision software platform gives machines, devices and other non-living entities the capability of seeing. By adding sight these machines and devices can identify, gauge or inspect independent objects to learn more about the world around them. Computer vision has been around for a while but due to recent quantum leaps in processor technology and smart devices the use of it is expanding rapidly. KuvioVision allows users to develop vision systems for any number of uses. Simply use a graph and sample images to describe the application and KuvioVision does all the rest. There’s no need for you to understand computer programming. You can use it in various computer and embedded processor platforms like any Intel processors including ATOM and Edison or ARM-based SoC’s. KuvioVision takes care of the execution and connects them to a local or global network automatically.

In their own words “Every system and component of an automobile can be made better using machine vision. Using machine vision systems in the process enables automotive part manufacturers and assembly plants to improve high quality and better throughput.

KuvioVision unleashes the power of modern smart cameras and vision controllers or PC’s with remote cameras to improve quality and efficiency in automotive production. KuvioVision applications can be graphically developed and executed immediately in many smart cameras, vision controllers and PC based systems. KuvioVision shortens the time it takes to deploy vision applications and enables performance and cost optimization for every application. This enables automakers to use machine vision easier and faster to improve product quality and process efficiency.”

For more information on KuvioVision and its cutting capabilities go to their website at KuvioVision.com.

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