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Sabacc – Star Wars Universe Game | NewsWatch Review

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With the release of a new generation of Star Wars films, the force is as strong as ever. So if you’re a space odyssey fan and like skill-based card games then you’re going to want to download and start playing Sabacc.

Inspired by the Star Wars universe, Sabacc offers a challenging, social and, dare I say, addictive experience pitting you in a high stakes card game against other players. Built by Sabaac Creative a global gaming company inspired to reimagine the way social gaming is played with the founding of Sabacc in 2015.

In the game of Sabacc you use your cards to bet, bluff, and gain the upper hand. To reach your goal of winning the chips in the Hand and Sabacc pots by acquiring a hand that doesn’t exceed positive or negative 23.

The rules of Sabacc are simple once you get the hang of it but a feature that will shake things up is the Sabacc Shift. Players must avoid the Sabacc Shift at all cost. The Sabacc shift is the random shifting of cards by locking in your cards in the interference field above your hand then put it all together to rule the tables. When two or more players are tied for the best hand, they have to participate in a Sudden Demise to decide the winner of the hand.  Win the Sabacc pot and you win the game, lose and you just might be exposed as a no-good swindler.

Sabacc is an incredibly fun game and hopes to be the most exciting card game in the galaxy. Sabacc is free to download on both iOS and Android devices. To start playing today search for Sabacc in the app store or google play store, or just go to sabacccreative.com.

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