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Fleet Complete – GPS Fleet Tracking | NewsWatch Review

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Nowadays, deliveries are expected to be done quicker than ever before, creating dependace on highly efficient transportation fleets. Currently, there’s a huge shift in the trucking industry, where new laws require truckers to electronically log their drive time. That’s where Fleet Complete comes in.

Fleet Complete is a global IoT provider of management solutions for vehicle fleets, high-value assets and mobile workers. This includes the Hours-of-Service app that automates all the necessary logging. Using tracking and ELD-compliant software for business fleets allows for efficiency that otherwise would be impossible. Their unique value proposition is an all-in-one platform for fleet, in-field worker and mobile asset tracking.  It’s a pretty easy set-up: hardware is installed in each vehicle and when you’re ready, you simply log-in from a desktop or any mobile device to see the performance of all operatives. Tracking allows you to find the most efficient routes and the closest available technician without the need to call-in. Fleet Complete is a fast-growing Canadian company that’s rapidly expanding across the globe. Their key to success is their exclusive partnership with large telecom enterprises such as AT&T in the U.S., TELUS in Canada and T-Mobile in Europe.

“Know where your vehicles are at all times. Powered by GPS technology, our easy-to-use fleet tracking solution will give you visibility on all of your vehicles in near real-time. Knowing drivers’ exact location, your dispatch team will operate quicker and more efficiently, sending the best and the closest driver to the job.”

For more information on this unique fleet management platform, go to FleetComplete.com.

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