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Arcane Online – Mobile MMORPG | NewsWatch Review


So, MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are extremely popular on PCs and mobile devices. If you’re looking for a new full-blown MMORPG, then check out Arcane Online.

This heroic fantasy game places you directly into a magical world filled with thousands of players, monsters, and characters. The goal is simple; can you discover the secrets of the Spirits and vanquish the evil spreading across Eldine? So you start by choosing your character’s class, and then you’re ready to go to work. You advance in the game by questing, raiding dungeons, and fighting battles against huge bosses. You can even show your skills by jumping into a player versus player combat. And take part in the weekly 150 players PvP Siege War. MMORPGs are defined by their online community and Arcane Online delivers. With thousands of players you can chat with online players, trade in the auction house, and even create your own guild.

– Choose from 3 character classes: Mage, Shaman, or Warrior.
– Level up your preferred skills, and reach the max level 60!
– Craft your legendary gear, avatars and gems to customize your character.

– Join dedicated servers for your region and language.
– Chat with other online players.
– Meet and party up with Friends, or Make enemies.
– Create or join a Guild and lead it to the top!

Arcane Online is available on iOS and Android devices for free. Search for “Arcane Online” on the Google Play or App Store to download it today.

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