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The Bead Game – 100+ Games in One | NewsWatch Review

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So are you looking for a unique gaming experience? Well, look no further than The Bead Game.

This is a gaming station that allows you to play over 100 games straight from one compact set. You can discover a wide variety of historic and traditional board games, as well as dice and paper and pen games – all from cultures around the world. Changing out one game for another is as easy as selecting another game on your Xbox or PlayStation. Just rearrange the game boards to form different layouts. The power of the game is placed in your hand. By adding variations, you can develop a new style of game. In fact, using Game Canvas on the accompanying app, you can invent a new game altogether complete with your own rules. Once you do that, you can publish it for others to discover and play. This adds a unique social aspect to analog games. Say you post a new game and someone in Europe picks it up to test it and suggest new rules. Now your game is global. And it’s possible to use the Print & Play option for specific game boards.

In case you were wondering about how popular The Bead Game is going to be.. they were over 300% funded on Kickstarter with over 400 investors! Needless to say, the game will be a big hit at your family and friends game nights.

To start playing with your friends and creating fun new games with The Bead Game go to b-ga.me/games today.

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