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SURVIVALTRAVEL – Mobile Travel App | NewsWatch Review


When you’re deciding where you should go on vacation, what do you usually do? You probably Google phrases like “best places to visit”, right? Well, the SurvivalTravel app solves your decision-making problems.

SurivalTravel is the best place to find curated reviews from people who have actually traveled to the destination, complete with photos and star ratings. You’ll find reviews of locations all over the world, from waterfalls in Hawaii to restaurants in Malaysia. Think of SurvivalTravel as the perfect combination of Trip Advisor and Instagram.  Avid travelers will enjoy posting photos of their adventures and leaving a review of every location they’ve been to. Some of the other useful features are their targeted location trending, powerful search lookups, animated weather and location overlays as well as a social function that includes likes and sharing capabilities. So whether you are looking for information or you want to share your experience with the world, this app is a great choice for you.

The same company also brings you SurvivalLanguage which is the world’s first curated and crowdsource language translation app. There are 15 languages in all for users to choose from consisting of translations with audio that are categorized according to needs like shopping, food, menu, and many others. The combination of these two apps brings you to all the amazing places that the world has to offer and then ensures that you get the most out of the experience by understanding the language.

Download these apps for free on the Google Play or App Store by searching for “SurvivalTravel” or “SurvivalLanguage” or just head to SurvivalTravel.com.

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