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ProShift – Bicycle Gear Technology | NewsWatch Review

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Bicycling is a great form of exercise, a great way to travel, and an all-around fun time.  But what if your bike knew when to shift gears to keep you at your optimum output?  Well that’s exactly what you get with ProShift.

Using real-time performance data received from the sensors on your bike combined with specific information about you, ProShift automatically shifts gears to keep you at your ideal performance level. For anyone who is a cycling enthusiast, this is a must-have. This automatic shifting system helps achieve the best endurance and race times. It was found that endurance cyclists do their best if they can ride consistently and at a constant power load. You see, riders tend to overlook the need to shift gears as they focus on hydration, nutrition, or simply being too tired. This intelligent shifting system takes the thought out of it allowing you to just “crank”. In this way you’re always in full control with ProShift Automatic shifting, or at any time, with normal manual shifting. ProShift uses a premium rechargeable battery with over 50 hours of cycling between battery charges. Your Garmin, SCIO, Wahoo, CycleOps or other device will continue to work normally. ProShift automatically shifts gears and your device does the ride data logging. ProShift works with any Electronic Shifting System made by Shimano Di2, SRAM eTAP and Campagnolo EPS.

If your intention is to simply ride at your most optimal performance and achieve best race times, allow ProShift to seamlessly and accurately shift gears for you. Head to their website at proshiftracing.com today.

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