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WeShare – Sharing is Caring, Especially When it Comes to WiFi | NewsWatch Review


If you’re in need of instant internet access, it may be time to download the app, WeShare. WeShare works by conserving data on your mobile device to gain easy internet access from its millions of free WiFi hotspots around the world. WeShare covers transportation hubs, retail areas, and other spots that you may find yourself needing internet connection in.

What’s most convenient about WeShare is that users can connect to this free WiFi as long as there are shared hotspots nearby. In addition, there are no passwords needed in order to connect. WeShare is also most beneficial for those who travel frequently and are not in an environment where they can depend on constant WiFi.

WeShare also supplies a WiFi map that uses features to help locate one of the 23 million hotspots worldwide. This can be useful for developers who want to attract more users to their app and increase engagement with their customers/users. Developers can use WeShare’s WiFi SDK for these engagement efforts. In addition, the SDK is lightweight and simple to integrate.

WeShare offers features such as:

  • Small WiFi app: APK package less than 7 MB
  • Requires little RAM
  • Staying connected to family and friends as you travel with the 23 million WiFi hotspots available
  • Free WiFi
  • No registration
  • WiFi map

In addition and as mentioned before, WeShare can broaden the range of developers’ network such as increasing engagement, retention, and loyalty when they have free access to WiFi when they need it.

With constant growth of the sharing economy and gradual shift from ‘owning’ to ‘sharing,’ WeShare aims to connect millions of people for free no matter where they are.

With its lightweight SDK and easy setup, WeShare takes all but 5 minutes to get going. It’s available for free download in Google Play and App Store.

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