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iAPPROVEAPP – Solutions Designed to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Assault | NewsWatch Review


Recent movements like TimeUp and MeToo have made it clear that consent must be at the forefront of any sexual encounter or relationship.

iAPPROVEAPP is a tech company providing solutions designed to empower individuals and prevent sexual harassment and assault.

The iAPPROVEAPP offers a relationship management solution to define, communicate and document consent in any situation whether romantic or potentially romantic.

Features include the ability to report on your own sobriety and state of mind at any given time, define your limits and requirements for any encounter, safety and panic features with direct dial to emergency services and even hotline resources.

The app is GPS location enabled and the information is protected by a secure password, PIN, and cloud-based data encryption

The app supports compliance with laws governing sexual consent including reporting requirements and other data analytics that can be used in criminal and civil legal procedures, private investigations, and individual claims.

iAPPROVE can also be implemented into any sized organization with the option for licensing.

Sexual consent shouldn’t be left in a gray area and with the iAPPROVEAPP we finally have a solution for communicating consent and additional expectations between individuals with documentation to back it up.

You can download the iAPPROVEAPP for free in the App Store today.

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