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Iriis App – Create a Caregiving Team for a Loved One | NewsWatch Review


Caring for a loved one requires constant attention and efficient task management. With all of the appointments and tasks clamoring to be completed, it can get a bit overwhelming.

That’s where the Iriis App comes in.

Created by Mindlight, a company that specializes in helping caregivers, Iriis allows you to create a care team to render all the assistance needed to a loved one.

You can start by inviting each member through text or e-mail.

Once your care team is established, you can start putting together a to-do list.

Add every task that needs to be completed on a daily, weekly, or even an irregular basis.

Assign tasks to other people on the team to make sure no one is being stretched too thin and that all needed care is provided.

Use the Iriis platform to coordinate every task, assign appointments, and answer any question a team member might have.

The app also includes a virtual file cabinet. This is where you’ll store any information that needs to be available to those on the care team.

You can download the Iriis app for free from the App or Google Play Store today.


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