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JETRO – Helping Startups Expand Their Businesses in the USA | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report/CES 2019

JETRO, a government-backed Japanese organization, creates a path for Japanese companies to succeed on the world stage. One of their latest initiatives is with the J-Startup Program, where they choose the most elite startups to join their program from over 10,000 Japanese contenders.

The startups selected to join the J-Startup Program are provided with a myriad of resources, ranging from private business spaces, to professional mentors, to marketing services, and more.

Although, one of the paramount benefits to being selected into this program is the ability to travel to technology tradeshows across the world.

This year, JETRO brought 22 startups from the J-Startup Program to showcase their technologies at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each startup was provided with their own individual space to display their innovations, allowing people from all around the world to learn more about their company.

NewsWatch had the opportunity to interview 2 of the companies from the J-Startup Program at CES 2019.

The first interview was with Shuhei Akimoto, the Communications Manager for iSpace Inc., a company whose goal is to help develop space infrastructure. Their current goal is to find water on the Moon, which will help them in their quest to make sustainability a reality.

Life is Tech, Inc. is another company from JETRO’s booth at CES. Their CEO, Satoshi Miyagawa, explained how they’ve created a program for teenagers to learn coding. Unlike other solutions, this program, in partnership with Disney, is fun, engaging, and affordable.

While only a few companies were caught on camera, all 22 companies from JETRO made an impression at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. So If you want to learn more about JETRO or their J-Startup Program, you can head to https://www.jetro.go.jp/usa.html today.


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