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Cyberprodigy – Easy-to-Use, Quality Calculators | NewsWatch Review


Alright, let’s be honest, math is hard. The more intricate the equation, the more a calculator comes in handy. Luckily, you have one of the best calculators ever created sitting right in your pocket.

Cyberprodigy is a company that produces calculators that are not only easy-to-use and of the utmost quality, but they’re also some of the most accurate calculators you’ll find anywhere.

They currently have 14 calculators designed for a different purpose or niche. Let’s look at some of the apps they offer.

The Electrical Calc Elite app is the most up-to-date NEC compliant electrical calculator out there.

It solves thing like required wire sizes, conduit sizing, voltage drop, motor efficiency, and more.

Next is the Pipe Calc Elite app which was designed specifically for pipe trade professionals, giving them quick access to standard pipe data and dimensions and solving necessary equations.

Then there’s the Electric Toolkit app with its easy-to-use collection of electrical wiring diagrams, pinouts, and a ton more. This is a perfect app for professionals as well as those interested in DIY projects.

Students will also find the Scientific Calculator Elite extremely useful with its ability to calculate fractions and perform unit conversions.

For more information on all of the calculator apps available from Cyberprodigy, just head on over to Cyberprodigy.com today.

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