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Happy Color – Color By Number – Rediscover the Simple Relaxation and Joy of Coloring | NewsWatch Review


Sometimes it’s the simple activities that offer the greatest reprieve from stress and anxiety. For some, it’s a simple walk, but for many, a creative and focused activity is best.

Check out the Happy Color app.

Happy Color is a color by number app that is not unlike a coloring book, if everything in that coloring book was completely free and simply there for your enjoyment.

Dive into a variety of beautiful imagery and add your splash of color.

It doesn’t take much to create a vibrant masterpiece that you can feel proud of.

There are over 2000 pictures in the app with 10 new pictures added every day.

But you only have to start with one. Every picture is marked with numbers. Follow all along and add your color to bring the pictures to life.

Share them with your coloring buddies in Facebook!

You will become a part of 1M friendly and active community with a variety of games and topics to discuss.

You can choose to start easy or dive right into more advanced pictures.

So if you’re ready to let the stress wash away, start painting by numbers today by downloading the Happy Color – Color By Number app for free in the App or Google Play Store.

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