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Airbitat – Compact Cooler for Even the Most Challenging Environments | NewsWatch Review

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With summers racking up record heat numbers, it’s not only a good idea to invest in a robust cooling solution, but it’s essential.

Overheating can be pretty nasty, but luckily, we’ve got you covered. The Airbitat Compact Cooler is the coldest evaporative cooler in its size.

Capable of powerfully cooling even the most challenging environments from tropical to hot & arid climates, the Airbitat Compact Cooler delivers deep cooling to spaces such as al-fresco cafes, community areas and outdoor attractions.

Powered by Reevac Deep Cooling Technology, the Airbitat Compact Cooler has proven to be 50% more effective in delivering cool air than conventional evaporative coolers on the market. It’s also 80% more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning of a similar cooling capacity, and a winner of the CES Climate Change Innovator award.

With no compressors and no harmful chemical refrigerants, this ultimate cooling solution delivers deep cooling to outdoor spaces without generating waste heat.

The Airbitat Compact Cooler is also suitable for any well-ventilated indoor area in need of a cool-off like your home patio or garages.

It’s designed to run quietly and for fuss-free maintenance. You can find out more about the Airbitat Compact Cooler by going to Airbitat.com today.

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