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ARknet – Next-Generation Map-Based AR Platform | NewsWatch Review

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One of the most exciting things about Augmented Reality is seeing what brilliant minds will do with the new technology. And one of the most exciting things to come out of the world of AR is ARknet.

ARknet is a global geo-located augmented reality network that employs the best of AR and social media on one platform.

Here’s how it works:

This next-generation map-based AR platform allows users to create, search and share geo-located AR objects. These AR objects are storage containers.

Inside these “containers” are items such as information, images, videos, documents and more. You can even geo-locate social media posts, business listings, memorials, events and real estate listings.

Every image is invisibly watermarked so users can establish ownership without fear of their content being stolen.

Taking the issue of privacy and ownership even further, ARknet believes in protecting user data and does not venture into the morally ambiguous practice of selling or renting user information for any reason.

By delivering the power of AR and private ownership of personal data back to the individual and valuable content to the individual, ARknet is ushering in a new era for social media and remaking the internet.

This time it’s personal. To get started today, head over to MyARknet.io.

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