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Beans Maps – Making Your Deliveries Faster for Every Order | NewsWatch Review


If you’re one of the millions of drivers who drops off packages, food or flowers using ridesharing or on-demand delivery platforms, then you’re going to want to download Beans Maps for Apartments by One Hundred Feet.

It’s a new app that allows you to make your deliveries faster by helping you find the right apartment and save notes for each address for your next visit.

Beans Maps, takes delivery drivers right to the doorstep of ANY apartment, any hospital, any office room and tells the driver exactly where to park, how to access the building and where to make the delivery.

There are three primary benefits, that delivery drivers achieve from the app, first you should see substantial time – particularly there has been delivery times getting cut down by 5-10 minutes for delivery.

Second, are the results of saving time and drivers not calling customers as often as they used to. This results in them getting much higher tips and they also don’t displace packages leading to higher ratings.

Food delivery apps out there keep banning drivers all the time for not delivering packages correctly, when it’s not the fault of the driver, so by using beans map, they effectively get to the right location, every time.

Get started today by downloading Beans Maps for Apartments for free on iOS or Android devices.

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