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Splinterlands – A Digital, Collectible Trading Card Game Built on Blockchain Technology | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you grew up playing games like Magic the Gathering, you’ll likely love Splinterlands, the next generation in trading card games.

It runs on the Steem blockchain, where you can play quick battles to collect real currency.

Splinterlands believes that players deserve more control and freedom in their gaming experience. It was built as a game that allows them to trade anytime, play anytime, and then to earn while they’re playing. And by doing that, we’ve given players a chance to be rewarded–just more freedom in their gaming experience.

Unlike most card games, Splinterlands matches only take a few minutes each. And, also, the rules change with every match that you play. So that means you can’t just go online and look up what the best deck is.

You must have a deep knowledge of all the cards in your collection to choose a better team than your opponent for the ruleset.

So the players get excited because they have both the ability to play the game and they can rent out collections.

We’ve given out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and rewards cards and booster packs to our players.

Typically, the younger people are excited to go, sit there, battle, and actively win the prizes and some of our older players are excited to own the cards and collections and rent out to the younger players who are playing.

And because of the rewards and because it’s a quick, fun strategy game, they have some really rabid fans.

Get in the game today by heading to splinterlands.io.

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