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Buy These 4 Travel Products For Your Next Vacation

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Back in the day, packing your bags for your vacation meant bringing a swimsuit, your passport, an extra pair of underwear, a good book, and then you’re ready. However, there are so many travel gadgets and gizmos out there, that it feels like we need to bring an extra suitcase just to fit everything we need! Never fear, as we’re going to show a few of the most essential travel products for anyone who wants to feel as comfortable and safe as possible on their next vacation.

Here’s what you need.

Safego Lock Box

The idea of bringing a portable safe might be a bit extreme for some people, but this particular safe is very portable! For those who worry a lot about their valuables when going for a swim at the beach or the hotel pool, then the Safego lock box is perfect. You can throw your phone, wallet, hotel keys, and anything else you don’t want stolen into this little box, and then it’s possible to tie it to a chair or fence for extra security. As most thieves look for the easy targets, it’s unlikely they’ll try to cut the wire and steal the lock box in a crowded area.

Silicone Travel Bottle Set

Even after a long flight and queues at the airport, most of us still want our hair to be amazing. After all, you need to look great when documenting the trip on those Instagram Stories! Make sure you pack your wax for hair styling to look your best, as well as shampoo, conditioner, and any other styling products by packing these TSA-approved travel bottles for liquids. You won’t have to worry about airport staff throwing away your liquids because the bottle is too big, as you can simply squeeze your favorite products into the travel bottles before you go.

Travel Wallet

How many of you frantically pat your pockets every 10 seconds at the airport to check you’ve still got your passport, wallet, and boarding pass in the right place? One easier method is simply to get a travel wallet, as you can pack everything into this and then wear it around your neck for safekeeping. It’s also got RFID blocking capabilities, which means nefarious thieves can’t hold a scanning device against it to steal your passport or credit card data. Don’t worry, it comes in several different colors to suit all tastes. What’s great is that you can also use this by hiding valuables under your shirt when you arrive to your destination and wandering around a new city.

Portable Coffee Maker

We all know there are some serious caffeine junkies who also love to travel, so if you’re camping in the wilderness or at a festival and still need your coffee fix, then turn to the Wacaco portable espresso machine. You’ll have to bring your own coffee capsules, but this little gadget is simply operated at the press of a button and also contains a drinking cup. Seriously, what’s better than sipping your morning coffee while hiking out in the wilds? Now you just need a portable toaster for your bread…

Don’t forget your FaceCradle for a good sleep on the plane, and you’re good to go!

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