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Play Pool or Eat Dinner on the Multifunctional Fusion Pool Table

Consumer Update

We love multi-functional products that perform more than one function double or even triple the fun. Bonus points if the multi-functional item is furniture.

That’s exactly what we’ve found with the Fusion Pool Table.

Picture this, you’re eating dinner with family and friends. You’ve finished eating and someone says, “Let’s play pool.” Agreement all around, now all you have to do is clean up the table and remove the tops to reveal a pool table ready for play.

Functional, with a timeless and elegant design, the Fusion pool table seats 10 comfortably as a dining table or for professional meetings.

A real slate pool table, it’s top of the line with quality table cloth and the very best selection of timber.

To flip from one to the other, clean off the table, slide the benches under the table, remove the three table tops and pick up the billiard cues, triangle, balls, and chalk.

The integrated spring assisted Easy-Lift system allows you to raise the billiard table to play height with minimal effort. Now you’re ready to play!

And best of all, there are several styles available to ensure it matches your home décor.
To purchase your Fusion design billiard table, head on over to Fusiontables.com.

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