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Experience the Thrill of Race Car Driving with the GTR Simulator

Consumer Update

There’s nothing like putting the pedal to the metal in the driver’s seat of a powerful car.

Well, there is something that comes pretty close – putting your hands on the wheel of the RS30 Ultra Wheel from GTR Simulator.

Made for the Xbox Series X and officially licensed by Microsoft, the RS30 Ultra Wheel with Force Feedback delivers an outstanding racing experience from the comfort of your own home.

It’s perfect for everyone from the casual gamer to the race car driver jonesing for the thrill of the ride.

GTR SimulatorThe highly realistic simulation is possible with the robust design of the wheel, accompanied by foot pedals.

The RS30 contains upgraded helical gears complete with a twin roller and double motor system.

The wheel itself is high-quality aluminum, wrapped in realistic suede leather, and includes
270 or 900 degrees of wheel rotation.

The adjustable diamond plate footrest makes for the best foot positioning and the adjustable spring tension allows you to customize your racing style.

The RS30 Ultra Wheel and V3 Pro Pedal are compatible with the Xbox Series One and the Xbox Series X.

You can purchase yours today and put the pedal to the metal by going to GTRSimulator.com.

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