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Back Up Photos on Your Mobile Device with the Photo Backup Stick

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No matter how easy-to-use smartphones are, there will always be those who don’t know how to back up their photos to the cloud or their computer.

The Photo Backup Stick was made for those who want to back up or transfer their photos.

Compatible with nearly any device, the Photo Backup Stick are USB drives with easy-to-use apps for backing up photos from computers, phones, and tablets.

Photo backup stick

Here’s all you have to do to use this all-in-one picture and video backup tool. Plug it into the device that contains the media you want to back up.

It uses apps designed to easily locate and back up your pictures with little to no effort on your part.

Once backed up, you can view and edit your photos using the Phone2Frame editor
so that they fit perfectly on a digital frame or TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Now that your photos are safely backed up, you can clear storage on your phone, transfer them to other drives or computers, or simply keep them safe.

Compatibility with lightning, USB-C, micro USB, and standard USB makes the Photo Backup Stick the perfect tool across multiple devices.

Purchase yours today at PhotoBackUpStick.com.

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