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Streamline Your Food Prep Process with the TidyBoard

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Maintaining a healthy diet requires a degree of meal planning and prepping. This can be a lot when you have to do it every day. The last thing we need is an excuse not to put in the work.

TidyBoard streamlines your food prep by placing strainers, catches, and containers on the end of your cutting board, allowing you to quickly and easily separate out your various food items.

Easily chop up fruits and veggies while disposing of scraps.


Strain hands-free and effortlessly clean up with a simple swipe of your hand.

The hanging design is meant to maximize countertop space and doesn’t require any modification to your existing kitchen.

Simply allow the catches and containers to hang over the side or over the sink.

Each container features volumetric and measuring marks to allow you to easily prep the right amount of food.

The accompanying snap-on lids mean you don’t have to empty into some other Tupperware.

TidyBoard is also made from antibacterial bamboo that is both durable and lightweight.

This catch-all cutting board is the perfect addition to your kitchen, making meal prep a cinch.

The company has several other products in the pipeline dropping in the next few months. Visit TidyBoard.com to find out more.

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