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The Newavo Evo Portable Toilet by RecPro

Consumer Update

Camping is one of the best ways to pull the plug on the grind of daily life for a bit and reconnect with nature.

Unfortunately, whether you’re camping in a nice RV or under the stars with nothing but a sleeping bag and a backpack, going to the bathroom is a necessity.

This can prove to be quite a hassle unless you invest in a RecPro Newavo Evo Portable Toilet.

This is the best camping invention since the discovery of fire.


With its slim, floor-mounted design and 5-gallon capacity, this portable toilet stays in place with ease while you do your business.

Constructed with hard plastic, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

Best of all it requires no hookup to preexisting plumbing.

Because it’s completely self-contained without a mess of tubes and connections, the RecPro portable toilet is easily stored and used on RVs, boats, vans, camping tents, and more.

Now, nobody wants to go to the bathroom without toilet paper. The built-in TP holder ensures you don’t forget the roll when nature calls while also providing a convenient place to keep it until you’re ready.

Learn more today at RecPro.com.

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