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Subscription Box for Guitarists – Guitar Crate

Consumer Update

Music is food for the soul. Whether you’re playing for yourself or others, there’s something about that moment when you connect with your instrument and create that sound only you can make.

Guitar Crate is a subscription crate for guitarists that strives to keep you connected to the music, helping you form a strong bond with your guitar.

Signing up will bring you awesome gear every month no matter what type of music you play.

There’s a crate for everyone, whether you play electric, acoustic, or bass guitar.

Just pick your preferred strings and look forward to the surprise gear every month.

Each month is different. In one crate you might find tools or accessories to maintain your guitar while in another you might find shirts or novelty items to inspire you to keep playing.

Everything in your crate is unique and fun to help keep your guitar in shape while also keeping you stocked with the best gear.

Guitar Crate’s slogan “Subscribe to Greatness” is evident in every crate, helping you on your journey to greatness and unleashing the power of your guitar.

To sign up for monthly guitar crates with free shipping, head over to GuitarCrate.com and be inspired.

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