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Measure Your Dog’s Health and Wellness at All Times with Whistle

Consumer Update

Dog lovers have a special bond with their pup – and, if you’re like us, they’re part of the family. So we found a smart device to help keep your furry friend safer and healthier.

The Whistle FIT is the perfect tool to give you a 360º view of your dog’s health and wellness at all times.

All you have to do is clip the Whistle FIT to your dog’s collar, connect it with the accompanying Whistle app, and you can start monitoring your dog’s behavior.


One of the first things you’ll be able to understand is how much exercise your dog needs based on age, breed, and what type of food they eat, letting you know if you need to go on more or fewer walks.

But the FIT also lets you know how much your dog is moving, and can alert you if your dog isn’t as active as he or she should be, furthermore you can also talk to a vet through their free Televet feature to see if you need to have your dog seen in-person.

But it doesn’t stop there – the Whisle FIT will also be able to monitor things like scratching, which might indicate skin allergies, irritation, or infection.

Or even if their drinking increases, which can show early signs of kidney disease or diabetes.

It will also track sleep as disruptions might point to sleep disorders or insomnia.

By gaining a deeper insight into your dog’s activity and wellness, you can help them live a long and full life, while also saving you money from unnecessary vet appointments with their Televet feature.

Purchase yours today at Whistle.com.

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