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Droople – Developing Innovative IoT Solutions for Intelligent Water Management

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Water scarcity is a real issue in the world. Just because we can turn the faucet on and gain access to a seemingly never-ending stream of water, doesn’t mean it’s actually endless, and safe to drink. It requires active steps on our part to preserve water, our shared source of life.

Droople is a Swiss cleantech company that develops innovative IoT solutions for intelligent water management.

Droople’s mission is to provide people and businesses worldwide with smart tools to better understand, value and manage water.

Droople Water Intelligence Platform connects 36 billion water assets to make every drop count.

Accurately measure and analyze your water assets data with this one-of-a-kind system, allowing you to remotely monitor, predict maintenance and save water and energy.

Break it down between the various appliances and filtration systems in your facility that consume water. From faucets and toilets to softeners and water dispensers.

A simple glance at the app or software dashboard will tell you exactly where you’re leaking H2O or where you can stand to improve your cold and hot water usage.

By working off actionable data, you can find ways to save money and preserve water.

Find out more about this revolutionary water management system by visiting Droople.com today.

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