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A PDF Scanner and Editor in Your Pocket – Scan Studio App

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Scanning and signing documents is an essential aspect of business, and in today’s digital world this is easier than ever. Gone are the days when you have to print out forms and contracts, sign and then rescan, or worse, send in the mail.

Scan Studio is an all-in-one PDF scanner and editor right in your pocket.

Scan and sign and date documents in mere seconds and email them to yourself with one easy tap.

Create perfect scans of your documents and then export them as either a PDF or JPEG, ready to be shared with others.

Unlike some other signing apps that shall not be named, you won’t see any watermarks and there’s even an affordable lifetime purchase option.

Scan Studio automatically recognizes nearly any text in over 120 languages, making editing a breeze.

In addition to editing, you can annotate documents, a useful tool, especially for contracts.

Now the scanning feature is useful for more than just signing documents. You can also scan journals, articles, and pages from books and magazines that you want to read later on the go.

You can download this convenient app by searching for “Scan Studio” today in the App Store.

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