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The Most Secure and Robust Crowd-Investing Platform Is BRITE

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Small businesses are the heart and soul of this country and many of us want to find ways to support them. Now even small investors can, thanks to new regulation by the SEC.

BRITE.us is one of the most secure and robust crowd-investing platforms that allow investors to participate.

Just like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, businesses can raise funds from a large number of backers, but unlike those platforms that offer rewards or products, BRITE.us allows small businesses to offer ownership in the company.

Similar to the concept of going public but as applied to private businesses.

Every business on the BRITE.us platform is thoroughly vetted, including all of the terms being offered to investors.

For businesses looking to raise funds, BRITE.us offers a free application and only a 5% success fee following a successful campaign.

Once approved by BRITE, the campaign is launched.

The platform itself is incredibly intuitive and easy to use for both businesses and investors.

It’s also the first crowd-investment platform to accept CryptoCurrencies, opening it up to an even larger community of investors.

Find out more about BRITE today by visiting BRITE.US.

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