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SimpleLegal Is Reinventing the Way Legal Teams Achieve Business Goals

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We live in a complicated world where solutions to overwhelming problems often focus on effects and not the causes. What we need are more simple solutions – answers rooted in an understanding of the real problem, not just the symptoms.

SimpleLegal was founded on that principle.

Their mission is to reinvent the way legal teams achieve their strategic business goals and deliver value to their organizations.

Consider Zoom for a moment.

The intuitive process was so simple, we all just knew how to use it right out the gate, and as a result of that simplicity, it’s been embraced globally. It’s even found its way into our everyday lexicon just like “Google.”

SimpleLegal is bringing this level of simplicity to the legal industry. In its essence, SimpleLegal is an intuitive legal operations management software that helps corporate legal departments optimize the way they work.

By simplifying complex legal operations and streamlining processes, legal departments are put in a unique position to increase productivity and thus, value.

SimpleLegal offers e-billing and spending management, matter management, and vendor management. In other words, if it can be managed, SimpleLegal has a tool to automate it for you.

They also offer reporting and analytics for legal spending, matters, and vendors that are easy to run and share.

Whether it’s a small legal team or a large firm, this unique management solution will fit right in. By learning and understanding what the customer needs exactly, SimpleLegal can configure the software for the best implementation.

By providing excellent customer service, coupled with an intuitive and simple interface and easy-to-use features, they are redesigning the way legal teams get things done.

For more information about SimpleLegal visit them at SimpleLegal.com.

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