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Size Me Up – AI-Powered Digital Tailor for Online Shoppers

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Shopping for clothes online is super convenient but also super hard. Without a fitting room, all you can do is hope your purchase comes in the right size. If not, it’s time to return. This can get frustrating for both the consumer and retailer.

Size Me Up solves this headache with an awesome new sizing tool.

Size Me Up

This AI-powered digital tailor integrates with any online retailer platform, helping shoppers find their right size.

Here’s how it works. The customer takes two full-body photos of themselves using the selfie function or asking a partner or friend – one straight on and one profile shot.

Once the photos are taken all they have to do is enter their height and submit. Size Me Up will do the rest.

The AI tool gets right to work calculating the customer’s size and fit recommendations. The cutting-edge programming allows Size Me Up to calculate precise body measurements and either passes them on to the garment maker for a custom design or checks them against current inventory sizes for the perfect recommendation.

For the retailer, this means satisfied customers who get the exact right fit. And for the shopper, this means fewer returns and a banging wardrobe. And of course, customers can store their measurements for future use.

Size Me Up’s accuracy and simplicity not only makes for a happier customer but a more sustainable solution for online shopping.

Find out more by heading to SizeMeUp.xyz.

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