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Bublup – Your Fundamental Folder Organization System

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Cloud storage is, in this digital age, a must-have. The ability to back up and store your media and access it from anywhere and at any time is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Bublup is a productivity app aimed at helping you be more efficient by allowing you to store anything you want in one beautiful place.

Bublup is fundamentally a folder organization system that lets you save any media type into an unlimited number of folders.

Now, this isn’t your regular old boring file system. Bublup has set the standard for aesthetics, doing away with plain old blue folders.

The whole space was designed with beautiful simplicity.

Compatible with iOS, Android, or directly in your browser, Bublup also makes collaboration easy by turning any folder into a group folder. And you can instantly create a shareable webpage out of the content you save in your folders. All it takes is one click.

Bublup is where you can save any media file or link alongside other kinds of files or links. And everything is searchable by title or description.

You can organize it by topic or category. And you can annotate your folders and items with an image or description so you can find them later on without hassle.

You’ll have access to an endless hierarchy of folders, making for the most ideal organization of your files possible. And with the ability to upload files as large as 50 GB, with a premium subscription, there’s virtually no limit to your file-saving capabilities.

Enough of the sterile, stark storage space of Dropbox and Google Drive. Bublup is here to spruce up the place, allowing you to collaborate and save in style.

You can find out more and sign up for this one-of-a-kind collaborative space by heading on over to Bublup.com or downloading it from the app and google play stores.

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