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Monarch Studio – Facilitating Brain Development Through Hands-On Experience

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Sensory play is not only fun for children, it also helps encourage exploration and supports brain development.

By allowing them to handle water, mud, and other materials they get literal hands-on experience with various stimuli.

The Monarch Studio crafts Mud Kitchens, Sensory Bin Stands, tool benches, and art tables for children, using high-quality wood materials.

Their premier product, the Double Sink Mud Kitchen is great for both indoor and outdoor play with wet and dry materials.

Monarch Studio

Kids can use water, sand, rice, pom poms, and even food, allowing their imaginations to run wild. Part of the fun is making a mess and with this beautifully crafted Double Sink Mud Kitchen, you’ll keep it nice and contained.

The Sensory Bin Stand takes up less real estate but still provides all the fun and excitement of sensory play.

It’s great for water play and any other fun material that squishes or oozes.

Use it indoors or outdoors for hours of play where your kid will work on their fine motor skills and create anything they set their mind to.

You can purchase from The Monarch Studio by going to etsy.com/shop/MonarchStudioShop.

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