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Listen to Any Text in the World with Speechify


Whether you have ADHD, Dyslexia, or simply sit in front of the computer all day, it can be exhausting to have to get through hundreds of emails, pdfs, contracts and then be expected to read 100 books a year for “self-development” on top of all that!

This doesn’t only happen to professionals either, students all over the world face the same issues as well. That’s why a new company called Speechify is determined to let you listen to any text in the world, be it physical or digital because listening is easy.

Speechify lets you listen in over 30 languages, with human-sounding voices, including new celeb voices including that of Gweneth Paltrow & Arnold Schwarzenegger!

You can use the Speechify Chrome Extension to listen to anything you come across on your computer for free with a single click, saving you hours of time and making you 3x more productive.

You’ll get more done when you don’t have to stop and read every line that comes across your desktop, especially as you can choose much faster speeds than the one you read at!

Nowadays, work mostly takes place online, so being able to listen to all the text and reading involved in your job will be a huge productivity booster that will easily help you earn your next promotion or big bonus!

To add the cherry to the cake, Speechify is also available for both iOS and Android, so you can save any text from your computer & listen to it on your phone anywhere you go!

Try it out for free by going to Speechify.com on your computer.

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