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Avoid Unexpected Water Leaks with The Guard Dog Valve

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Chances are you have a leaky toilet in your house, and we’re not talking small leaks here

A wide-open flapper could waste over 6000 gals per day. Since you pay not only for water but sewage treatment as well, that can add up to a huge water bill. And not only is this a tremendous waste but there’s also a potential for major water damage.

The Guard Dog Valve toilet shutoff effectively stops the flow of water when no one is present.
Guard Dog Valve
The motion-activated valve detects when you are in the bathroom, allowing water to flow. As soon as you leave, it shuts off, preventing any possible leaks.

This convenient valve requires no maintenance. Instead of using batteries that you have to constantly replace, it’s powered by patent-pending technology that keeps the valve charged using the flow of water. Essentially, the hydrogenator eliminates the need for battery replacements.

If you’re looking to save upward of 15% on your water bill, and gain some peace of mind, get yourself the guard dog valve shutoff.

Installation only takes a few minutes, saving you a lot of headaches help preserve one of our most precious resources.

You can purchase yours today by going to guarddogvalves.com.

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