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Redbird – All-Digital Personalized Learning Program for Students


We never stop learning. From childhood through adulthood we’re sponges for knowledge, soaking up information through engagement, intuition, and daily observation.

But it’s in our academic years that we need the greatest help to ensure we’re getting the most from our education, learning the skills to propel us forward.

That’s especially true with data-heavy subjects like math.

McGraw Hill’s Redbird Mathematics is an all-digital personalized learning program designed to supplement instruction and accelerate learning for all students from remedial to advanced.

Utilizing a proven blend of instruction, interactive exercises, skill-based games, and real-world STEM applications, Redbird helps students gain a deeper conceptual understanding of math, demystifying an army of numbers and endless equations.

The aim is to get the student algebra ready without the need for additional whole-class instruction. Redbird works at the student’s own pace to ensure they are learning at a gradual yet productive speed. It’s more than just a review and practice of previously learned skills.

It’s an adaptive learning model that targets the level of the student and accelerates them to where they need to be, closing the readiness gaps. Unlock the full potential of our learners with Redbird Mathematics.

Get started today by heading to redbirdlearning.com.

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