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Find Yourself in a Relaxed State with the SoundHealz Meditation App


Sound is as important and powerful as visual stimuli. Used properly, sound can heal. It can improve moods, ease your mind or even alleviate physical discomforts.

In fact, using it in connection with meditation can help you achieve a deeper state of meditation faster. Developed by an experienced sound therapist, Soundhealz is a meditation app that promotes health through the usage of sound frequencies.

Now it’s not the sound itself that helps you ease into a deeper meditative state, it’s the underlying frequency. The sounds of a piano or a violin might have the same frequency though they’re clearly different sounds.


It’s important to isolate this as part of crafting the user’s sonic journey. Every sound healing therapy contains a frequency cocktail.

It’s based on analog and digital frequencies related to different systems and regions of the bodies combined with other sonic waves and beats.

All of these frequency cocktails in the Soundhealz app were recorded with the highest quality equipment in the best environments in order to form an effective audio therapy.

All therapies are in wave–full audio format, which is essential because most digital audio files are compressed for streaming purposes or to fit on a mobile device, resulting in the loss of beneficial harmonics. Soundhealz targets physical conditions like pain, weight loss, muscular issues, hormonal issues, and more.

It also targets conditions of the mind like stress, anxiety, self-control, and focus. Soundhealz helps tune you if you’re feeling out of tune.

Find out more today at Soundhealz.com or download the app in the Google Play or App Store.

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