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Flats or Spikes – Lap Tracking, The Right Way

Running as part of a cross country or track team requires collecting and analyzing data in order to improve performance over time. For too long, we’ve been reliant on jotting down the finish and split times on paper, then trying to make sense of it all. Well, that’s in the past now that we have the Flats or Spikes app. The Flats or Spikes platform is built for cross country and track coaches to help keep teams organized. Set up real or virtual races. Collect data and analyze results.

Well, Flats or Spikes is all about continual improvement. We want to create continual improvement. Teams don’t collect enough data. They generally struggle with that process of collecting data, and what we do is make that process easier. One of the first things that we have is a universal timing system. That universal timing system allows you to create a source of truth with races. We also then allow you to be able to collect that data easily just from the interface. The second thing that we do that’s unique, we allow coaches to be able to collect data, and then they also can spread that data collection across the whole team, whether it’s other athletes, whether it’s parents, whether it’s friends. That makes the data collection process go from hours and hours per week to literally a few minutes per week completely. We’ve got a lot of comments. A lot of them say that it’s awesome, that they love the system, that it’s easy to collect data. Those are the main kind of things that we’re looking for is that it’s easy to collect data. But we also have people say to us that they’re really excited by the fact that they can manage the team and manage the data at the same time, that it’s a one-stop-shop.

Flats or Spikes, where data meets people. Download the app today by searching for Flats or Spikes in the Google Play or App Store.

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